Thank you all, for your prayers and support in helping to spread the word about Lisa's Kidney Journey. A special thank you to all of the kind and generous individuals that came forward and offered to be a donor and give me another chance at life. My family and I are forever grateful for you all! Please continue to follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates and the next phase of my journey. God Bless!

​- Lisa

Lisa has been notified that a kidney donor match has been found!

​​​Once you have completed the health history questionnaire, your information will be reviewed by a living donor RN coordinator. If you are a potential donor candidate, you will be contacted.

​​For questions, you may contact

The Mayo Clinic Living Donor Team: 480.342.1010

​​Reliable websites for more information on donation:

A Special Plea: If you are still interested in becoming a living kidney donor, please complete the online health questionnaire below or contact Mayo Clinic regarding altruistic donation. Currently there are close to 100,000 people that are waiting for life saving kidney transplant.